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ONEDU-Founders. Patricia Frei(she/her) and
Lynn Huber(she/her)

We are Lynn Huber, an anthropologist and midwife & Patricia Frei, a filmmaker and midwife.
Together we founded ONEDU in 2019, an online education platform to empower people.

The first tool Midwife Refugee Kit is based on our bachelorthesis, which has been realised with the financial support of the Gebert Rüf Foundation through the Förderprogramm First Ventures.

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Positionality paper

We dream of a world where all people have access to health care and receive treatment adapted to their individual needs, where all forms of discrimination belong to the past, and where diverse biographies, life realities and family forms are considered "normal".


Since our world unfortunately does not correspond to this reality, we have taken up the cause of education, sensitization, cohesion, the redistribution and sharing of privileges and resources, the creation of protected spaces and and and....

We do not see ourselves as teachers or experts, but rather as an interface.

We try to gather and share expertise, open up new spaces, for ourselves and for others. In this process, an inexhaustible field of learning has opened up for us, in which we would like to exchange and learn together with our colleagues and like-minded people.


If you don't already share our enthusiasm, we hope to do so you with our online tools.

We wish you lots of fun and learning on this never-ending journey!

Communincations& Development
Laura Widmer (she/her)

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Laura has a long and varied experience as a midwife. In addition to her work for ONEDU, she works at City Hospital Tiemli in Zurich and visits families during pregnancy and for pastpartum care at the Federal Asylum Center in Zurich. She is the co-founder of Artemis.

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