You are welcome to contact us by mail at:

We are looking forward to your contact. However, before contacting us, we ask you to study the information below. Please try to understand that this is not meant to be derogatory, but to protect our own capacities and limits, as well as those of the people we are in contact with. Please respect that we cannot respond to all requests. 

Collaborations/interested parties/individuals: 
We are happy to help individuals or projects of LGBTIQA*, bipoc*, anti-capitalist and socio-critical projects. Write us your concrete questions after you have studied our homepage. We are very interested in cooperation, also in people with IT skills, translation skills or with knowledge about self-empowerment pedagogy. 


Is your request about the application to the Gebert Rüf Foundation?
Please read the instructions on the homepage carefully and contact us only if you have gone through everything and still have questions that you cannot ask the foundation directly. The application process is described very clearly and you can certainly clarify most questions that way. Also, we can only answer about our experiences and procedures in case of specific questions - as long as they are not already mentioned on our homepage, on the homepage of the Gebert Rüf Foundation, or in one of our articles. We thank you for your understanding. 


Providing contacts of refugees:
There are many places and meeting points where refugees can be found and where you can get in contact with them. We are therefore not willing to provide contacts. However, if you have an offer that benefits vulnerable populations, we are happy to share it.

Examples of contact sites: 
Autonomous School Zurich:

GZ Wipkingen location BAZ:


Thank you very much for your interest. We see your work as very important and thank you for your commitment. In the past we have been approached by NGOs again and again and asked for information regarding specific topics. 
Please keep in mind that we invest a lot of time, energy and heart blood in our engagement and see the knowledge and the information from it as a small treasure. We are happy to share this treasure, BUT we do not want others to get rich from it. Especially not NGOs with big budgets, huge advertising investments and controversial white saviour rhetoric. Specifically, we mean, among other things, that foreign knowledge and stories are appropriated and then sold as their own commitment or that through foreign images, audios and videos people are won for donations.
Therefore, we ask you to tell us in what way you want to use our information, how this benefits refugees or other minorities and how you contribute to a redistribution of power from the privileged to the less privileged.

Don't you do the same? Read more in our positionality paper under "Team".