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Midwife Refugee Kit. 

: 24 e-log points  (part of the SHV continuing education catalogue 2022/2023)

: Flexible and independent e-learning tool

: Interactive modules (videos und audios with expert insights)

The e-learning tool to increase the competences of midwives and health workers, originating from the care of asylum-seeking families.

Midwife Refugee Kit - Part 1: 

  • Background and motivation 

  • Swiss asylum system 

  • Communication and Language 

  • Culture 

  • Transcultural competencies 

  • Health in Switzerland 

  • Countries with most applications

Midwife Refugee Kit - Part 2: 


  • Racism  Intersectionality 

  • Privilege check 

  • Discrimination in obstetrics 

  • FGC: Female genital cutting 

  • Trauma-sensitive care 

  • Self-care 

  • Holistic, person-centered care

The training tool will encourage you to reflect on your own images and stereotypes.
It tries to find different and new ways to deal with difficult situations in the care of people with a migration background.

It shows how to access the right resources, find easily applicable answers and learn about your own upbringing, privileges and belief systems.

It gives health professionals valuable insights into how the Swiss asylum system works and extensive practical tools for dealing with transcultural interactions and trauma-sensitive care in their daily work.



  • Become competent and able to deal with people from different cultural
    and ethnic backgrounds.

  • Become part of an open-minded maternity and postpartum care.

  • Learn to deal with the pressure of meeting more and more socio-economic and cultural needs.

  • Reduce stress and exhaustion through meaningful work and more understanding.

  • Help to work towards a more equitable health system for both health professionals and patients.

  • Help create better outcomes for asylum seeking families and receive positive feedback.


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International version

If you are not at home in Switzerland, it is best to buy the international version for 300 Euros, in which Swiss-specific information is missing.

Parts 1 and 2 are included in one.

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